Sleeve Offroad for Notebook 13"/14" - Black

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    Sleeve for Laptop 13'' and Laptop 14''
    Stretchy neoprene cover for Laptop 13'' and Laptop 14'' featuring a external anti-shock bumper, to effectively protect your device from bumps or falls. Equipped with an Anti-Slip System® – two corner flaps to secure your device – the Second Skin® Offroad features an ample opening with double-pull zip closure and an interior made from a soft, scratch-resistant material.


    Laptop 14"
    Laptop 13"

    • Interior made with soft, scratch-resistant material
    • Convenient double-pull zip closure
    • Ultra-protective, anti-shock external edge
    • Anti-Slip System to secure your device
    • Neoprene cover for laptop

    Suggested device size: 33,00 x 23,50 x 2,00
    External size (cm): 34,50 x 25,50 x 2,50